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About AMAP Sustainability

A world where creativity and AMAP Sustainability thrives within the boundaries of sustainability.

Business idea:
AMAP Sustainability helps companies and organizations contribute as much as possible to sustainability, taking into account their mission and relevant stakeholder expectations.

Client policy:
AMAP Sustainability offers advice and value to companies or organizations in all countries and regions, provided that the assignment can be carried out with relevant levels of accountability, transparency, ethical behaviour, respect for stakeholder interests, respect for the rule of law, respect for international norms of behaviour, and respect for human rights.


The mathematical symbol for ’direct proportionality’ illustrating how all companies and organisations vary directly with sustainability.

AMAP Sustainability is an individual small firm owned and managed by Mr. Staffan Söderberg, based in Enebyberg, Stockholm, Sweden. VAT number: SE690502415101, BIC(Swift)-code: ESSESESS, IBAN-number: on request.

Mr. Staffan Söderberg, M.Sc Biology/Nature Conservation, M.A Human Ecology.
Background: environmental consultant, environmental consultancy manager, consultancy business manager, environmental manager, sustainability manager at the multinational construction company Skanska, and department manager in World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Sweden. Former chair Environmental and Sustainability Auditors Sweden. Former chair of the Swedish National Mirror Committee for ISO 20400 Sustainable Procurement, former vice Chair of the International Committee that developed ISO 26000 Guidance on Social responsibility. Chaired the international secretariat that developed ISO IWA26 Guidance on how to address social responsibility in management systems.

Examples of hands-on experiences:
Environmental or Sustainability reports: 10+
Audits (1st, 2nd part): 30+
Certified environmental management systems/ISO 14001: 8+
Training sessions given: e.g. environment (50+), social responsibility/sustainability (50+),
environmental auditing (30+), Code of conduct/business ethics (10+),
stakeholder engagement (10+), leadership and consensus (10+)
Sustainability strategies: 25+
ISO 26000 screenings: 40+
Supply chain evaluation models: 5+
Environmental Product Declarations: 20+
Speaking at conferences: 50+ (e.g. at the UN sustainability conferences 2002 and 2012)

Geographic outreach:
AMAP Sustainability has so far created value to clients in the following countries:
Sweden, Colombia, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Tanzania, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Singapore, United Kingdom, Belgium, USA, Uganda, Namibia, Armenia, China, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Australia, Indonesia.

Network, example:
More than 1,900 contacts in LinkedIn .

Clients and projects, examples:
Volvo Group, Håll Sverige Rent/Keep Sweden Tidy, FIVS – International Federation of Wines and Spirits, Normapme, SIS – Swedish Standards Institute, ISO – International Organization for Standardization Central Secretariat, ISO Academy, ISO Capacity Building, ISO CS Communication, City of Västerås, CSR West, Suzano Pulp and Paper, Qatar Institute of Directors, Miljörapporten, FORTV – The Swedish Fortifications Agency, Nordic Council of Ministers, Akademiska hus, University of Geneva, Mobica Egypt, Ksara Winery Lebanon, Blom Bank, Audi Bank, Jordan Islamic Bank, Cairo Amman Bank, Jordan Steel, Cairo Chamber of Commerce, The Swedish Consumers’ Association, The Swedish Armed Forces, Civil Rights Defenders, The Tenure Facility, Swedish Association of Private Education Providers. Experiences also from projects and work with Skanska, IKEA, TetraPak, Sveaskog, ICA, SEB, Swedbank, Skandia, ISO, WWF, MIS, SNF, Amnesty Business Group, UN Global Compact, GRI and others.

We support: